The church

Dives in Misericordia

in  Rome

Dives in Misericordia

 photo by M. Fogliarini (Rome Fabruary 25th 2007)

translation by Josie Ciccarelli

versione italiana

The parish church Dives in Misericordia, planned by the architect Richard Meier and inaugurated in 2003 in the Roman district of Tor Tre teste, is one of the more interesting buildings of cult from the constructive aesthetical and technical point of view.

It has strongly been wanted by Pope Giovanni Paul II as a 2000 Jubilee memorial and visual transposition of the contents of his Encyclical "Dives in Misericordia" dated 1980, in which the pope exhorted the humanity all to «… take from eternity to face the great contemporary worries…». The new church would have had to spread this message and being visible testimony of the walk of the Church in the Third Millennium.

It is characterized by three great sails that symbolize the Trinity and they seem to swell as pushed by the wind. They allude to the "boat of the Church" that conducts the believers to face the "seas" of the Third Millennium.

The ample surface glass doors that unite the sails allude to the church as "rising of light and truth."

The sails of white concrete basically carry their own weight and the tallest one reaches 26 mts. They have been divided in great prefabricated elements with double bending, called the "conci", each one weighing 12 tons.

The existing joint between a panel and the other has been conceived and designed so to allow the union among the precompression bars and to absorb, assuring the static continuity of the structure, the inevitable dimensional tolerances proper of the of the process manufacture.

Particularly important for the realization of Meier’s project has been the study and the manufacture of technological and innovative products, among which a new white cement, White TX Millenium produced by the Italcementi, whose formulation assures an intense and constant white through time.


The back part of the church on the background of the district blocks.

The three sails.


The sails and the glass door.

The glass door above the entry.

The church square and the entry.

The front part of the building.

Front view of the building.

The roofing and the glass door above the entry.

The Church room.

The travertino altar.

The presbitery.



The organ.

The glass door from the inside.



The curved side of the church and the parsonage.

The church square seen by the inside.

The roofing above the entry.

The church and the bell tower.

The bell tower.

The castle of the bells.

The bell tower.



The church is situated at in Via Tovaglieri, district Tor Tre Teste, Rome.



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